John Thomas Financial: Serving Efficiently for the Last 5 Years


John Thomas Financial was found by Thomas Belesis in the year of 2007. He has named the company after his two grandfathers. For all the 5 years of providing valuable service to all its clients the company has grown from a three people brokerage firm to a big firm that employs a large force of 300 employees, John Thomas Financial has been providing a full range of retail brokerage, investment banking and corporate advisory services.

Thomas Belesis who also is the CEO of John Thomas Financial has been heading the company quite successfully for all the five years that the firm has worked and produced results that have got a long list of satisfied clients. Tommy Belesis has got proper in depth knowledge of the markets and the global and national financial scenario and is regularly invited by many of the leading news channels to discuss about the macroeconomic trends and economic policy. Fox Business News where he has discussed about the current events that have been unfolding in the Middle East with Neil Cavuto; also on Fox News in a programme known as Bulls & Bears where he has discussed the debt trends in the United States. In his appearance on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, Thomas gave his valuable inputs on the equity markets and also another time on FOX Business News with Neil Cavuto where he comprehensively compared the economic policies of the United States and Greece.

New Addition to John Thomas Financial have been Avi Mirman who has been appointed as the Head of Investment Banking. Mr Mirman has nineteen years of experience in the investment banking. Before joining John Thomas Financial, Mr. Mirman was Head of Investment Banking at BMA Securities, where he was responsible for overseeing the entire deal process in addition to cultivating and managing key relationships with clients, service providers and funding sources. Another important inclusion in the company is Mr. Russ Steward, who will join Mr. Mirman at the Investment Banking Group as Managing Director. Mr. Steward brings more than eighteen years of investment banking and corporate finance experience to John Thomas Financial, including several years working directly with Mr. Mirman where he focused on due diligence, financial analysis and valuation of small cap and micro cap companies for capital raises and financial advisory services.

John Thomas Financial has not only been engaged in professional financial activities but also in other social activities like sponsoring the World Energy Forum.


The Unique Benefits of Medical Adjustable Beds

With added medical advantages, an adjustable bed finds added functions in a hospital or a nursing home. It provides abatement to humans who are bed-ridden or those who accept to break in bed for continued hours and can be adapted either manually or electrically.

There are several bloom allowances from adjustable beds. Adjustable beds affluence abscess of the legs and affluence aback pain. They abate anguish of the physique and allay close and accept tension. They aswell account acerbic abatement and brief heartburn. They accommodate abatement for assertive locations of the physique such as the neck, aback and knees. Adjustable beds are abnormally advantageous for humans who accept degenerative spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, analgesic binding and added diseases. They are aswell ideal for humans who accept just had surgery. Adjustable beds aswell advice in accepting in and out of bed; abating the affection muscle, appropriately authoritative breath easier; reliving the abdomen anatomy and acceptable in able digestion; acquiescent aback stretching, and more. Some adjustable beds aswell accept congenital massaging motors in automated and chiral modes.

Medical adjustable beds can aswell advised to clothing the exact requirements of the user. They can be advised to clothing the action of the accommodating and the exact position the physique has to blow on the bed. The bed can aswell be adapted with a beating arrangement and assorted added options. Medical adjustable beds are accessible in twin, queen, baron or individual sizes and the compactness can aswell be adapted as per requirements. They can aswell be operated electronically by the user and after an attendant.

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